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The Buzz 'Inn

Come to The Red River Café where you will find some busy little wood working folk have created The Buzz 'Inn. A place where all winged buzzing friends are free to stay.

Have a good look at the Buzz 'Inn, find yourself a seat and feel free to listen to our audio story.

You can download written PDF and audio MP3 versions of the Tiny Audio Tour's stories below.

The Buzz 'InnArtist Name
00:00 / 06:00
The Buzz Inn. Miniature installation from Hotch Potch. Part of The Tiny Audio Tour at Heartlands Cornwall

Don't forget to check out our Tiny Tour page. A storytelling experience with stilt walking like you've never seen it before! Much like The Tiny Audio Tour it explores the small things we often miss but incorporates Street Theatre in the form of a one man show.

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