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Hotch Potch Performance Logo


Hotch Potch are an Outdoor Arts company based in Cornwall, U.K. Blending circus, street theatre and visual arts to create spectacular yet intimate works for all ages.

Jade Veale Photography
young person wearing a glowing jelly fish costume
Hotch Potch Perform Ka-dunk-a-junk. A walkabout act using recycled scrap yard materials. Ensemble group communicating through rhythm and sound. Ka-dunk-a-junk was created by a group of students on the BA Street Arts programme at the University of Winchester.
A  silver painted performer looks at us. She is wearing a crown made from recycled materials often found in our ocean.
Circus Workshops taking place in the street during Camborne Trevithick Day. A workshop facilitator teaches a young girl to spin a plate.
Street (1)_edited.jpg
Fire Show taking place during a wedding. Fire Poi is spun around and the stage is set with fire candles. A large audience is gathered around

Looking for Circus Performers, Street Theatre, Outdoor Acts and family friendly performances or workshops? Get in contact today!

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