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Stilt Walkers

Stilt Walkers are great for audience engagement. Towering above you, they are the ultimate Street Entertainers- breaking the ice they delight children and grown ups alike.

Captain O'Goldie

Join this giant of the seas on the hunt for comedy gold! A golden pirate captain (and his extraordinary long peg legs) who comes with his treasure chest full of pirate and nautical jokes that will have you cringing or cackling with laughter. As he gracefully wobbles and worryingly prances through an event near you.

A stilt walker pirate character in all gold
A performer wearing costume made from waste materials and ocean rubbish holding a trident
Detritus of the Deep

A unique environmental stilt walking act, with an elaborate costume made using ocean waste. Find out more on the Detritus of the Deep page.

a stilt walker balances on one leg, holding a basket and tipping his hat. Flowers grow out of his hat.
Seemore Gardens

Meet a larger than life character with an exceptionally big love for gardening and all things green, that he isn’t afraid to show off! He loves his plants so much he can’t get away from them and will normally be found with at least a pocket full of primroses or a hat full of
herbaceous perennials, depending how the seasons turn. Seemore will also be giving out
free flower seeds or seed-bombs to anyone else who wants to spread some flower power

and to help grow our love of gardening and caring for nature

Disco Fever

Disco Fever - A solo act or groups or 2-4 disco stilt dancers! Working with Ross Wheeler's 'Super Stilt Troopers' to bring the disco with them where ever they go, with their own disco balls and sound system included. Feel the rhythm and disco down with some of the most colorful and grooviest stilt dancers around.

Disco themed stilt walker
Disco themed stilt walkers
Stilt walking circus ringleader
The Ringmaster

A stilt walking master of events with the gift of the gab. Here to welcome all and spread the good word of what your event has to offer. With much clowning fun to be had, he’ll make sure everyone feels right at home and in the spirit of your event’s festivities.

Disco McLucky

Disco Mclucky is a leprechaun who is anything but small. This disco loving, stilt dancing, Irish imposter brings the party with him wherever he goes. You’d better get ready to boogy as it’s dance or die with this guy. Complete with banging 70s tunes and a lucky disco ball, he will transform any space within seconds into a smoking dance off for all to join. 

A comedy stilt walkabout perfect for outdoor events. Disco Mclucky is highly interactive which is great for warming up audiences and getting the party started Mclucky style.

a stilt walker all in green for St Patricks Day holds a disco ball pot of gold
Day of the dead themed stilt walker
Ringmaster of the Dead

Roll up roll up, Halloween festivities are in town and our deadly ringmaster is here to help you turn around your frown. Be it candy apples or a spot for the fireworks display he will lead you through the costumed crowd and help you find your way. Perfect for Halloween events and parties, this versatile stilt walking act is a visual treat assisting the crowd in many ways.

Christmas and winter themed stilt walker
The Explorer

This giant explorer is in search of all things warm and cosy, whether it be a hug or directions to the nearest hot cuppa, audience members can help him on his way.  Bringing a snow blizzard to all occasions, the explorer is a comedic act which fully embraces our colder months of the year, illuminated for events after dark.

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