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The Tiny Tour

Grab your magnifying glass and tread carefully as Berty, your exceptionally tall tour guide, leads you on a journey of the tiny.

children have a close look at a miniature installation created by Hotch Potch Performance for The Tiny Tour

Discover the little folk who live in trees high above, tunnel into soil below and fly on the backs of winged beasts. When we take the time to notice we can see that there are little people all around, helping our plants to grow, ours bees to buzz and trees to make the air we breathe.

a clown on stilts holds a mega phone and carries a bag saying "The Tiny Tour"

The Tiny Tour is a 30 minute  Street Theatre family show with installations, storytelling and stilt walking like you’ve never seen it before. Performing up to 3 times a day, across 3 installations for 5-50+ people at a time, the show is perfect for festivals and outdoor events with natural spaces.


The Tiny Tour has now toured festivals and community events across the South West of England and Northern Ireland 

“Tiny Tours were very popular at Somerfest and audiences enjoyed their interactive story telling which were engaging, fun and accessible to people of all ages. The miniature installations were a magical addition and the long tall story teller on stilts could not be missed as he stood tall above the crowds.” Sally Mann, Director of Somerfest Outdoor Arts Festival, Somerset.

audiences follow a stiltwalker with their hands in the air, treading carefully through The Eden Project Cornwall

Audiences treading carefully through The Eden Project, Cornwall 

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