Living Statues

The Golden Aviator

A visually striking golden war pilot statue, with his wind blown scarf suspended in mind air, he's a high flying tribute to all brave pilots living and lost. See if you can spot him come to life, give you a salute or even shake your hand and make your acquaintance.

Lady White

A living human statue act symbolizing new beginning and celebrating the feminine energy of the white rose. Great for adding floral essence to a celebration and perfectly placed in a garden location if not any busy town or event.

captain o goldie2.jpg
Lady White .jpg
Captain O'Goldie

Aharr! This gold statue pirate has sailed all the way from the salty shores of Cornwall. He has the sea in his heart and gold treasure on his mind so pop in a coin to see if you can awake him from his menacing stare and give you a much anticipated scare. Perfect for any Pirate or Halloween themed events.

The Winter Queen

Colder days are creeping in but with the chill brings enchanting forces of nature too. Winter Queen is a human statue act embracing our coldest time of year. Great for animating winter events, parties and Christmas fairs. Available with lights for darker spaces and a wonderful accompaniment to the stilt walking Winter King – talk to us about providing a package for your event.

Winter Queen 1 crop.jpg
frozen explorer.png
The Frozen Explorer

The Frozen Explorer is “frozen in time” as a human statue act, coming to life for those who dare to get close enough. Perfect for any winter occasion this act is also illuminated for night time celebrations. 


Not found what your looking for? With some extra time and budget we’ve created a number tailored acts for specific events. Just get I contact and tell us your event needs.