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Detritus of the Deep

He comes in the form of a strange spirit, draped head to toe, embodied and bound by human waste found at the depths of the ocean. He roams this strange world above the surface with an important message for its people. Detritus of the deep is a stilt walking visual display which boldly communicates the problems our waste is creating in the ocean. He reminds us we can do better and we should. This act was handmade by Ross Wheeler, one of our leading Circus Performers.


How you can help! First step is to empower yourself with knowledge and learn more about the problem. These organisations do great work to protect our seas, support them, join them, use your voice!


Sea Shepherd

Ocean Conservation Trust

Surfers Against Sewage

Environmental performance on a beach in Cornwall
Environmental act Detritus of the Deep from Hotch Potch Performance

Originally commissioned for Pitch’d Circus Arts Festival in Cork, Ireland 2018. Detritus of the Deep is an unspoken spectacular yet intimate performance. Opening a conversation between audience members about our impact on the natural world. A strikingly visual solo stilt walking act that comes equipped with it’s own sound scape which echo's the sounds of the sea and the voices of those trying to make a difference. A trident for conjuring giant bubbles, and lights for night time performances.

Photo Credits- Jade Veale Photography

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