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Join Ross and a bunch of other stilt walkers for a day of stilt dancing at:

The Circus Works Devoran

Unit 1, Devoran Industrial Estate, Greenbank Rd, Devoran, Truro TR3 6PQ

Under 18's who want to pay what they can just get in contact to secure a place:

Ross has been stilt dancing since his early teens and holds a BA Honors Degree in Street Arts. There (amongst a colourful array of experiences) he trained for three years with Dr. Olu Taiwo who has a doctorate in dance and movement. Ross will use some of these teachings and movements within stilt practice, to give performers an awareness of how to use their body to dance and physically perform on stilts. Along with advice and tricks he has picked up over the past 15 years before participants can put together their own dances and see Ross' latest stilt dance cabaret act in progress.

Get in contact or booking details are below and look forward to seeing you there...

The Circus Works has a Kitchen with microwave and kettle for heating needs so bring a packed lunches as well!

You can see a little video with a few shots of Ross in action below, or head to Detritus of the Deep or our Stilt Walkers pages for more videos of his walkabout stilt acts.


We are having a break from running the adult circus club right now sorry!

We will however be starting it back again very soon, possibly in a new format. If you're interested and want us to let you know then please get in touch.

Sessions were 2 hours long and each consisting of a long warm up, different themed skills tutoring and freeplay circus skills where you decide what you want to learn / practice.

Over 16 year olds will be welcome with a supervising adult.

Each week we go between a focus on a different discipline which could include:

Object Manipulation- Juggling, spinning and blancing props like diabolo, poi and hula hoop

Equilibristics- Stilt walking, unicycling and other balancing skills

Acro- Acrobatics, tumbling and acrobalance skills such as the human pyramid

Aerial- Aerial hoop, trapeze, trampolining and more..

Physicial Theatre- Clowning and character work like games and general seriously silly business!

Mondays 7pm-9pm

The Circus Works Devoran

Unit 1, Devoran Industrial Estate,

Greenbank Rd, Devoran, Truro TR3 6PQ

We are now also offering an exclusive Airfish Discount for members of the collective looking to join in the fun from a teacher training perspective or looking to brush up different skills. Booking details can be found below:

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Kids Circus Classes

You can also find out about all sorts of kids classes and clubs including ones taught by Ross for ages 3-5 & 5-8 year olds at The Circus Works' website:

Workshops for Groups & Events

Circus Skills

Widely known for building confidence, keeping fit, improving balance and coordination whilst encouraging a strong sense of team building through the nature of play. Our workshops introduce floor based practices such as Juggling, Poi, Diablo, Staff and Hula Hoop. Guiding absolute beginners to circus addicts. We can provide “drop in” workshops for busy events or structured sessions for a more focused group.

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Stilt Walking
Beginners to Expert Class

Ross Wheeler has been stilt walking for over 15 years and focuses on smaller peg stilts for agile movements in interactive comedic walkabouts and stilt dancing cabaret acts. Beginner to expert classes for circus groups involve exercises and teachings around the anatomy of peg stilt walking, dancing and agile movements for different terrains and characters. Sessions are delivered firstly by exploring the physical movements without stilts before repeating these with stilt practice and developing short peer performances. These sessions can be for young to adult ages for people who can already walk on stilts, however separate beginner stilt walking workshops can also be arranged.

Drop in circus areas at busy events can be run by one or two tutors and let people of any age come and go as they please to try out the equipment with help at hand.

Structured sessions for 1-2 hours can specialise in different areas and props and include all sorts of fun games and physical warm ups for classes and groups young or old to work together.

Session can optionally also come with a renegade show to share skills learnt though out the process or contact us if you want to build a more substantial series of sessions leading to a showcase.