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The Tiny Audio Tour (social distance friendly)

Discover piskie houses, fairy trails and their online stories at Heartlands in Cornwall.

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The Tiny Tour

Grab your magnifying glass and tread carefully as Berty, your exceptionally tall tour guide, leads you on a journey of the tiny. 

Detritus of the Deep

Spat up by our polluted seas, Detritus is a king in search of what is destroying his home, whilst relaying it’s call for help.

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The Washed Up Mermaid

This mermaid statue has a song in her heart and a story up her sleeve.Watch and listen as she comes to life, giving us a message from the seas.

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Stilt Walkers

Choose from a selection of characters for all seasons and occasions.


Living Statues

Human statues for all events.

Fire & Glow

Performances which glow and light up the night. Choose from a range of circus acts which incorporate fire and glow.

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Café Petite

A mini story telling show with tiny tea and cakes, a giant waiter and someone to serenade your visit.

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Winter Acts

Winter queens and stilt kings. Choose from a selection of acts suitable for colder occasions. 

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Choose from a range of spooky walkabout acts.