The Ringmaster of the Dead

Roll up roll up, Halloween festivities are in town and our deadly ringmaster is here to help you turn around your frown. Be it candy apples or a spot for the fireworks display he will lead you through the costumed crowd and help you find your way. Perfect for Halloween events and parties, this versatile stilt walking act is a visual treat assisting the crowd in many ways.

Day of dead ringleader resize.jpg
hp vamps 1_resize.jpg
Long Tall Vampires

Need a dusty stilt walking Victorian vampire or two to bring a chill down your spine on old Hallows Eve? Butlers by trade, vampires by night, fully prepared to assist you and make you feel at home within the carnival of Halloween or perfect any spooky affair.

Captain O'Goldie

Aharr! This gold statue pirate has sailed all the way from the salty shores of the underworld. He has the sea in his heart and gold treasure on his mind so pop in a coin to see if you can awake him from his menacing stare and give you a much anticipated scare. Perfect for any maritime or spooky themed events.

captain o goldie2.jpg
ross fire masked ball west briton.jpg
Fire & Glow

Costumed character solo set or durational fire or glow performances or roaming glow performance with staff, fans, poi and more. See videos and more information on our Fire & Glow page.