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Zombie stilt walkers at Newquay Zombie Crawl

Zombie Disco Fever

Who says you can't get your boogie on at Halloween? Our Stilt Walking zombie disco made its first appearance at the fast growing Zombie Crawl in Newquay. These zombies feed only on disco beats and are guaranteed to get you celebrating Halloween in style. Ideal for parades and busy outdoor events. Outdoor entertainers not to be missed! We can also offer an array of Street and Circus Performers with various different skills for the likes of town parades and community events!

 Ringmaster of the Dead

Roll up roll up, Halloween festivities are in town and our deadly stilt walking ringmaster is here to help you turn around your frown. Be it candy apples or a spot for the fireworks display he will lead you through the costumed crowd and help you find your way. Perfect for Halloween events and parties, this versatile stilt walking act is a visual treat assisting the crowd in many ways.

Day of the Dead stilt walker
Halloween themed living statue

Lady Kraken

A living statue pirate wench that adds a touch of glamour to Halloween. Grab a picture with this spooky statue but watch out as she might just give you a fright.


A down to earth walkabout act ideal for younger audiences. These friendly witches are brewing up spells and seeking out magical beings to assist them. Help them conjure up wishes and maybe yours will come true!  

Witch walkabout act from Hotch Potch
Stilt walking pirate act

Captain O'Goldie

Join this giant of the seas on the hunt for comedy gold! A golden pirate captain (and his extraordinary long peg legs) who comes with his treasure chest full of pirate and nautical jokes that will have you cringing or cackling with laughter. As he gracefully wobbles and worryingly prances through an event near you.

Fire & Glow

Costumed character solo set or durational fire or glow performances or roaming glow performance with staff, fans, poi and more. See videos and more information on our Fire & Glow page.

Fire performer spins staffs at Masked Ball Cornwall
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