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Deep Sea Disco

Join us for an immersive under water experience like no other. Deep Sea Disco is a safe space for families to enjoy dressing up, dancing and meeting characters from our deep seas. The disco begins slow and gently picks up pace, includes face painting and a seperate calm space (Quietish Cave). 


Deep Sea Disco is a disability friendly event, welcoming families and carers of those with disabilities as well as LQBTQ+ families. As a neurodiverse family, we wanted to create a space that welcomes all and allows us to celebrate differences, connect as a community and feel part of something special.


With a mission to reach as much of Cornwall as possible, we may be in a town near you soon!  

Meet The Team

With thanks to FEAST for supporting this start up project. We urge you to also check out what other great events they are supporting in Cornwall.

FEAST Cornwall Public Funding
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