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Hotch Potch invite you to visit our fairy door trail!

Discover fairies and piskies at Heartlands in Pool

Our busy world comes to a halt and suddenly we find ourselves slowing down, breathing, noticing the small things, appreciating the birdsong and spiders web.  The Diaspora Gardens fairy trail is for families and children of all ages to enjoy safely and in their own time. Formally funded by FEAST as part of The Tiny Audio Tour which was originally created during the pandemic in response to the lockdown's we were all dealing with. The stories reflect that time and allowed the local community to access an arts activity from Hotch Potch during that challenging time.

Listen to the Diaspora fairy story here:

The Diaspora Gardens Fairy Trail

Fairy door at World Heritage Site Heartlands Cornwall.

Don't forget to check out our Tiny Tour page. A storytelling experience with stilt walking like you've never seen it before! Much like The Tiny Audio Tour it explores the tiny things we often miss but incorporates Street Theatre in the form of a one man show.

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