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Hotch Potch invite you on a tiny tour with a socially distanced twist!

Discover fairies and piskies at Heartlands in Pool

Our busy world comes to a halt and suddenly we find ourselves slowing down, breathing, noticing the small things, appreciating the birdsong and spiders web.  Come with us as we lead you on a journey of piskies, tiny creatures and spirits who protect and guard our natural world.

Download or stream these little people’s stories online and discover their new tiny homes throughout Heartlands, for families and children of all ages to enjoy safely and in their own time.

Find the three stories and more here:

The Diaspora Gardens Fairy Trail

The Buzz 'Inn

The Piskie Palace

The Piskie Palace page includes a making of video and you can look further back on the creation of the installations and stories by following our social media channels:

Facebook   Instagram   Youtube

The Buzz Inn. A miniature installation from Hotch Potch Performance. Part of The Tiny Audio Tour at Heartlands Cornwall
Fairy door at World Heritage Site Heartlands Cornwall.

The Tiny Audio Tour is an intimate experience, where everyone has the time to enjoy the installations and stories at their own pace. When enjoying the tour please be patient of others there at the same time (keep at the recommended 2 metres apart from each other). Take your time and enjoy, while being mindful of others space.


Heartlands is a world heritage site with lots to enjoy, experience, learn and do, but did you know you can find world heritage sites all across Redruth and Camborne and there is so much more to explore?

We want to encourage everyone to walk, cycle, car share or take public transport where ever possible and safe to do so. There is heaps to make a day of at Heartlands, but if you’re up to it you could also stop off at some of our favourite spots along the way:

Mining and other walks around Redruth 

Giant’s Quoit near Camborne

Hidden History at Carn Brea 

We want to thank Cornwall Council and FEAST for funding this project through the Re-Ignition fund! The fund has also supported by St Eval who are kindly donating funds from sales of their folk collection, so if you or loved ones enjoy Cornish scented candles and you want to support local community arts at the same time, go to: 

FEAST is a programme to make great art happen across Cornwall.

FEAST harnesses the talents and energy of Cornwall’s artists and communities, generating new opportunities for everyone to enjoy the arts. The focus is on bringing people together to share experiences as audiences or participants, and on animating local celebrations and cultural life. Investment for FEAST comes from Arts Council England and Cornwall Council. The programme is managed by Creative Kernow.

The Piskie Palace. Miniature Installation inspired by the Cornish tin mine. Part of The Tiny Audio Tour at Heartlands Cornwall

Don't forget to check out our Tiny Tour page. A storytelling experience with stilt walking like you've never seen it before! Much like The Tiny Audio Tour it explores the tiny things we often miss but incorporates Street Theatre in the form of a one man show.

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